Dads' Club - A Community for Men

Dad's Book Club is Currently On Hold

  • In this day and age, dads and aspiring fathers need a place to connect with other men in the midst of chaotic lives. Dads' Book Club is about getting together as dads and aspiring fathers. 
  • All reading occurs during our 90 minute meeting time.  Come to group, read for fifteen minutes, and then have a conversation.
  • The current reading material is from the Greater Good Science Center connected to University of California Berkeley.
  • We also practice naming feelings by sharing a story from our week and then trying to identify a feeling associated with it.  


This community of men is for:
  • married
  • partnered
  • separated/divorced
  • widowed
  • aspiring fathers (single or partnered)
  • all ethnic backgrounds

Your Host
  • Steven Dunham
  • Husband & father
  • College Instructor

*photo taken by permission from flickr creative commons. Photographer: Pai Shih