Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Birthday Table

My daughter turns five next month, so I set up this "Birthday Table" for her.  The top is covered with a roll of gift wrapping paper, the decorations are from the dollar store, and the cards are from years past.  Before placing the cards on the table, I read them to her, telling her the story about each one.  

This table is our "Holiday Table", which we decorate for most major holidays and birthdays.  It is a great way to introduce cyclical memories and gratitude into our family.  

As I write this blog entry, we are in the middle of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, restricted from free movement throughout our cities, so things like "Holiday Tables" can be one way to transform boredom into creativity and connection.  

And, these creative traditions might be even more important for singles than ever.  Using our bodies to create traditions in the midst of singlehood can help us connect not only with others, but also ourselves.  I'm not certain if this is true, but I wonder if when we create these things as singles that maybe our bodies might even release oxytocin which is vital to our relational connection with self, our mental health, and our connection to others.