Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Birthday Books for Kids

Kids love their birthdays, so anticipation is half the fun.  What better way to emotionally connect with our kid's anticipation than to read birthday books to them, leading up to the big day?

My daughter's fourth birthday is in three weeks, so I decided to search the library catalog for preschool-aged birthday books.  If you don't happen to feel all that comfortable with library catalog searches, then visit your children's librarian and they can help you.  Here are the birthday books I just borrowed from the library:

  • Big Brown Bear's Birthday Surprise by McPhail, David
  • A Birthday for Cow! by Thomas, Jan
  • Birthday Mice! by Roberts, Bethany
  • Carl's Birthday by Day, Alexandra
  • Happy Birthday, Bertie! by Pfister, Marcus
  • I Want Two Birthdays! by Ross, Tony
  • The Secret Birthday Message by Carle, Eric
  • Happy Birthday to You! by Seuss

As you can see, we read a lot of books in our house, but more importantly, reading these birthday books during the weeks leading up to a birthday can create a tradition and relational bond that can be emotionally felt for a lifetime.

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash