Saturday, July 30, 2016

To Husbands

Imagine you are the one who recommends to your wife that the two of you go to counseling.
Imagine you are the one who recommends attending RCA (Recovering Couples Anonymous).
Imagine you recommend a marriage class at your church or non-profit organization.
Imagine recommending to your wife a class on creative dating, addressing conflict, or childhood development.
I am NOT telling wives to stop initiating in these areas, but I AM saying to husbands that when we initiate our relationships towards these areas of vulnerability that something amazing takes place.  We get to feel powerful and our wives get to feel loved.  I don't mean powerful in a controlling way.  I mean powerful in a vulnerable and open way that points towards hope.  We demonstrate our power by ushering our wives into areas of vulnerability that men are not normally accustomed to.
It is completely foreign and terrifying to so many men, and that is why it is so powerful.