Saturday, July 30, 2016


my feasts
Men dot themselves along a spectrum of cooking abilities in this world, some of them world class chefs, others struggling with anything more complicated than PB & J.  Nevertheless, cooking can bring us men together in for a variety of reasons.  Last night, I attended a "Man-Cook", hosted by my friend Martin.  The goal of Man-Cook is to hang out with other guys for "Man-Time" while also challenging us to learn how to cook new things for our spouses.  We have to bring the website, magazine, or book to share with the other guys so they can use it in the future with their significant other.
Last night was a simple sausage-cook-off, but in the weeks to come, we will dabble in such themes as "Latin Recipes for Sunset and Candlelight" and "Italian Night with the In-Laws".  The idea is to try to learn some new recipes for doing a creative date with our spouses.  All along, we hang out as men, doing our much needed "Man-Time".  It's a win-win for husbands and wives.
Variations on this theme in your neck of the woods might be "Cooking Presentations" for those of you who'd like to get men together in order to teach them how to cook in the first place.  As another variation, tell the men to bring ideas on the internet that they find for creative dating activities.  These are but two of probably a number of options.
Stereotypically, women are better cooks than men, and even though I don't know the numbers, I do know that there are a number of you men out there who love to cook and simply need an outlet like this to lead other men into cooking for their wives.  Maybe you aren't an organizer, so ask another man to get the guys together.  Work as a team.  You don't have to shoulder it alone.
By the way, in our Man-Cook group, the goal by the end of this summer is to invite our wives, fiancees, and girlfriends to a creative, flavorful meal and experience.  Blessings, as you navigate the world of cooking in the midst of your significant others and families!

(image taken from flickr creative commons by myfeast)